Everything in nature is rhythmic. From the movement of our galaxy, the setting of the sun, the sound of rainfall, the beating of the heart, and the pattern of our breath. When we are exposed to a song that resonates with us, we are naturally compelled to move in synch with the rhythm — this is the natural response of harmonic flow.

The essence of nature, according to ancient philosophy, is pure rhythmic balance. The origin of the universe is believed to be that of sound and vibration. The Buddhist mantra Ohm (pronounced ‘AUM’) is said to contain the frequency of manifestation, and the creation of our world. This ancient meaning describes how everything in nature contains a vibration of resonance.

The nature of the mind is no different. Every thought vibrates, and when the mind is at ease, it is able to find balance and coherence with the environment — the wave patterns of the brain are in healthy vibration. This is when we are present in the moment, and in touch with the nature of awareness where tension and stress cannot exist.

In this state of mental clarity, there is no desire to grasp or cling to anything, and your thoughts quickly lose power to control your attention.

This may take time and consistent practice to achieve. Practicing meditation is an amazing way to release negative energy and disturbance.

Harmonic Resonance Brainwave Entrainment

In contemporary meditation, brainwave entrainment is a science based method used to stimulate a healthy interaction between the mind and body. This technique uses rhythmic sound to naturally trigger states of meditation.

Harmonic resonance is a brainwave entrainment program based on “waveform modulation.” This audio technology is encoded with a silent wave of biofield energy that is used to create a calm, and harmonious vibration for your mind during meditation.

While in meditation, this subtle energy that is transmitted through each track evokes alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves simultaneously. This interaction creates a profound centering and balancing effect.

Each track contains a constant rhythmic drone of the Major Fifth Interval (a music tone often referenced in classical music to signify a perfect unison). This smooth and stimulating vibration allows you to drift deeper and deeper into a harmonious, contemplative state of meditation.

Using the stimulated rhythms of Harmonic Resonance is one of the best ways to bring your mind and body into a state of resonance. After experiencing the depth of this meditation technique, you will feel the vibrations pulsating a healthy flow of energy throughout your entire body.

Harmonic Resonance by iAwake Technologies:

  • Deep Calm
  • Clear Negative Blocks
  • Purifying Energy of Healing
  • Sense of Stillness
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Profound Centering
  • Users eManual Included

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